Johanna Kausch | Co-Founder & dop, editor

Johanna is a passionate freelance dop and editor from Stuttgart based in Freiburg working on commercials, documentaries and passion projects. With her lovingly designed compositions and edits, she turns every project into something very special. She thinks beyond the simple and obvious and manages to create something unique. That this is not just a simple statement is proven by her recent newcomer award.
For inquiries please contact: johanna@silberhorn-film.de

Stefan Hipp | Co-Founder

Stefan is working with sound, illustrations, still or moving pictures to design an identity for brands, companies, organisations and movements. He teamed up with the Freiburg based Silberhorn Film to develop ideas and create something uncommon, marvelous and wonderful.

For inquiries please contact: stefan@silberhorn-film.de

Julia Kausch | Co-Founder

coming soon.

For inquiries please contact: julia@silberhorn-film.de