dear brain

Hans Zimmer - Time Orchestra Suite

„I know it’s wrong, but sometimes I wish for catastrophes to happen, for something to happen that could trigger some change.“

A lone man finds himself on an empty parking area after strolling around aimlessly in his car. All the bad news - every day - again and again. The world is on fire but there is no empathy left anymore. He wants to break out - to break the fetters of the maelstorm of his daily routines. He is tired. Tired of the internal struggle. All that remains for him is to use his time sensibly - to move on and to hope for better days to come.

"dear brain" is our submission for the #EnterTheWorldofHansZimmer Music Video competition. Shot on Sony Venice with Glaswerk One+ 50mm T2.4 anamorphic prime lens

„I’m still up leaving tiny notes for the future.“

starring: Daniel Yoon 
director: Julia Kausch
dop, editor: Johanna Sofia Kausch
1st AC: Franziska Krieg
gaffer, colorist, still photographer: Demian Pleuler
best boy: Matthis Waetzel
boomoperator: Frieder Lang
text: Vinzenz Mellentin, Vincent Schröder
speaker: Beau Marie
technical support: Glaswerk, ABT cine
car supervisor: Karsten Uttech