Digitale Anamnese Idana

a story of digitalization

„what is now proved was once only imagined“

Some people love innovation and some don’t because they might be afraid of it. Especially in the medical sector people fear a loss of humanity when it comes to digitalization of procedures they have been used to their whole lifes. One of these procedures is the anamnesis. IDANA created a software that helps to improve the process of anamnesis. Our job was to show the people (doctors, medical assistants and patients) how they can benefit from this innovation – and that’s what we actually did.
Imagefilm 2019 | client: Idana | production: Silberhorn Film | 03:28 | commercial
director, dop, editor: Johanna Kausch
gaffer, colorist: Demian Pleuler
boomoperator: Julia Kausch
sound design, motion design: Stefan Hipp