Stara Nova Ljubav

a fairytale of old new love

„I see beauty in everything, even in the abandoned and broken – I draw something new out of it.“

Combine something old with something new and create something beautiful. That’s what Laura Pairan did in her collection „Start Nova Ljubav“ which is Croatian and means „old new love“. It’s her way to capture the feeling Croatia instills in her. She has been inspired by the traditional outfits of the Croatian culture and created something modern and new out of it. 

- a portrait of fashion designer Laura Pairan 

Stara Nova Ljubav | production: Silberhorn Film & HS Offenburg | 16:37 | documentary
starring: Laura Pairan
models: Yulef Bopp, Jonathan Buchholz, Jacqueline Gehring, Natascha Nollert, Kim Rosendahl
director, dop: Johanna Kausch, Julia Kausch, Demian Pleuler
editor: Johanna Kausch
colorist, still photographer: Demian Pleuler
h&m: Catarina Chakrabarty
grip: Kilian Schweizer
heroes: Stefan Hipp, Tim Kohlen, Benjamin Schnitzer

„Close your eyes so you can see me better.“

Impressions of all kind from across Croatia are transformed here. Soft, opulent flowing silhouettes, elegant pieces of couture made from delicate powder-tinges and highlights of copper and gold to offer a contrast. The treatment of the fabrics surface and precious embellishments enhance the feeling of a rich, infinity treasury.

watch fashion parts below.

Stara Nova Ljubav: bridal pair | client: Laura Pairan | production company: Silberhorn Film | 02:10 | fashion film
Stara Nova Ljubav: yellow outfit | client: Laura Pairan | production company: Silberhorn Film | 01:00 | fashion teaser

Stara Nova Ljubav: industrial | client: Laura Pairan | production company: Silberhorn Film | 01:15 | fashion film

„Suddenly everything stood still, in a heartbeat I saw you.“

watch the whole collection here.